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The list of blog pages below are consciousness adventures. Over the years I’ve written them they have taken me to far away places locating as much information as I can to support the energies I have expended. That information is essentially about the  language we use, and the need to consider seriously how we use it, not in a pedantic way!
My explanations are arranged in two blogs Imperative observations.com, and this blog
Imperative observationsMk2.com.
The list of posts below will take you to each individual post. They are thenplaced in chronological order to allow links to one another.
They will explain the reason for my journey.
The blogs are not for entertainment purposes per se, but in writing them I have endeavored to lighten the mood.
Would hope that the  overall subject is of interest to you now, but sooner or later as we age, it will doubtless demand your attention.


Lost Shadows

The shadows move
Lost in confusion
Lost in despair

Imagination shrouds the real

Looking back
Looking forward
Is this the Centre?



The man whose book is filled with quotations, has been said to creep along the shore of authors, as if he were afraid to trust himself to the free compass of reasoning. I would rather defend such authors by a different allusion, and ask whether honey is the worse for being gathered from many flowers. Anonymous, quoted in: Tryon Edwards (1853) The World’s Laconics: Or, The Best Thoughts of the Best Authors. p. 232

Amen to that!

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