For the lockouts.

Our word jigsaw puzzle.

Dictionary has given a definition of two words.

“Complete, Entire, Perfect, Pure”.

“A fundamental truth used as a basis of reasoning”.

Always solutions.

Examples of principles and absolutes below, and how to define them without dichotomies.

Communication. Truth. Standard. Proof. Express. Contribute. Mutual. Direction. Advance. Comfort. Organize. Certain. Immediate. Interest. 

Improve. Present. Constructive. Gain. Trust. Progress. Source. Knowledge.

Basic. Original Reality. Awareness. Freedom. Purpose. Connect. Understand.

Support. Peace. Cause. Unity. Ability. Rights. Honest. Discover. Positive. Energy. Balance. Good. Courage. Willing.  Control. Use. Association.  Observe. Absolute.

Reason. Easy. Wealth. Simple. Law. Increase. Order. Flow. Co-operation. Exact. Principle.

Quality. Accuracy. Strength. Responsible. Operating. Creative. Measure. Recognition. Accept. Constant. Obligation. Include. Dependence. Relationship. Value. Success. Principle. Equality. Stable. Share. Love. 

Sustenance. Action. Identity. Intelligence. Education. Secure. Facts. Agreement. Information. For. Rules. Clear. Yield.


Success = Securing facts

                = Responsible co-operation

               = Constructive knowledge

“Success is the art of securing facts and with constructive knowledge, co-operating responsibly”.

Below is a list of simple conjunctions copied to construct the sentence from the above definitions.

  1.  F = for
  2.  A = and
  3.  N = nor
  4.  B = but
  5.  O = or
  6.  Y = yet
  7.  S = so

There are no dichotomies!

Any principle is correctly defined by any two other principles or absolutes. You create a new language. Using extensive conjunctions you can write your own book.

James and Jean Caldwell Brines. (Bridie)

About Bridie.

Born in Govan Glasgow 1927. Those were the days.
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