Mother Earth

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These posts are a new venture primarily using free photography
courtesy of “Unsplash”. In doing so, I give attribution to individual photographers in each caption.


Our Planet has advanced Emphysema!!



Endangered species.
All life on this planet is in danger!


There is a moribund stupidity about the danger we are in.

We do not own Space

We do not own Time

We do not own Energy

We do not own Matter

What our future should be.

Media 21 Heathers DSCF1684

Photographer Heather Inwood

                                         Grandfather and Granddaughter.
                           The shadows point to the future they both deserve.


The greatest freedom you can ever have is to know you are dependent.
We are dependent on everything there is.



‘No Food’
Jacqueline Godary


                                                                               Brian Mcmahon ‘Fighting fit’



All life on this planet is
interdependent and interconnected.



Sick Tortoise. Glandero Greco

Healthy Tortoise  Joel-m-Mathey



We do not have the moral right to inhabit other planets until we secure the one we live on.



To heighten awareness!

‘Bleak outlook’
Logan Scott photo!



‘What it should be’
Dawn Anfield


“To  be or not to be”  “To have or to be”




Hard Work1
Vince gx


Better treatment!
Jonathan Diemel

Knowing our dependency on all life creates its own habitat.


“Where to Now”
Florian van Duyn.



“As Nature intended”
Kevin Philipson


Its a beginning!


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