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The Magical Mantra.

My history of blogging has always been non-commercial, and free to use, and its content is not disposed to attract contemporary commercial social media. The internet now has serious issues to deal with. It now has a multiplicity of International companies with Big Brother complexes seeking your personal data and misusing it. The content on these pages is not a commercial commodity.         Nor are human beings.



Reciprocity 1+1
Connected Beginning.



Courtesy of Ted Talks.
Anil Seth Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience.
University of Sussex. UK.

Pay attention to this repeated introduction. It deserves your attention, especially the final observation. It has questions I would like some answers to.


My introduction to the mantra falls far short of any ‘shamanistic’ or “altered states of consciousness’. The “Peyote” plant, native to Mexico for over 5,000 years was consumed by shamans to induce psychedelic experiences, and offered as solutions for personal and social problems. The use of native plants seemed to pressurize psychedelic experiences.
Their long-term use may have had devastating consequences.
The medical history of shamans and their constant use of psychedelic drugs would not be available today.
The medical use of controlled cannabis and other drugs is now legal with beneficial outcomes.

The only true knowledge you have is your own when you experience ‘consciousness cognition’. All else is embedded lifetime experiences.


Your adopted mantra is part of the key to allow you to explore your Semantic Template.

We escape our own ability to replicate a true state of consciousness by simply freeing up our minds to go beyond thought itself , and let the Mantra perform an external and internal reality.
Human consciousness exists, and we recognise that it does exist. With each human cognition that is true, it grows exponentially.


Media images The Child Google

Protect this consciousness.


Media Heraclitus. The weeping philosopher 330px-Utrecht_Moreelse_Heraclite

Courtesy of Google “free to use images” Heraclitus. The weeping philosopher. He wept for a world of consciousness to be awakened.

His ‘unity of opposites’ experience I suspect could not be expressed within conventional language.
Concept of Mind by Gilbert Ryle (p 17) offers me a tentative conclusion in his description of a “category mistake”.
My interpretation of a category mistake is a doctor giving a lecture on human Health.
In his diagram explaining the singularity of the issues that govern each organism of the  body, and why practitioners need to understand their function.


Media Google Human skeleton download

The Anatomy of a Body                                                                                         Courtesy of Google                                                                                    “free to use images’

The lecture goes through the anatomy of the body. The function of each organ, the brain, the heart. blood vessels, bones, muscles, skin. The necessary activity of each bodily section to work in unison.

At the end of the lecture, and applying a little poetic licence to address a category mistake, some of the uninitiated students ask, ‘what about Health?”.
The category complexity of the bodies anatomy has escaped the students overall concept
that they are Health itself.


Our spectrum of ideals, absolutes or principles, provide the present and timely condition of our interdependent relationship to the reality, within which we all exist.

MEDIA LIBRARY Parrots Mt Tamborine 9th may 2011 014

Photography courtesy of Heather 1

“Does something which exists on the edge have no true relevance to the stable center, or does it, by being on the edge, become a part of the edge and shape?”

Lucy Grealy. 

Lucy Grealy Courtesy of Google “free to use images.


  Lost Shadows

The shadows move
Lost in confusion
Lost in despair

Imagination shrouds the real

Looking back
Looking forward
Is this the Centre?

Seem to be in sync with Lucy Grealy.
Also the edge and shape become Heraclius’ “unity of opposites” where only the centre exists.



Footnote: To refresh the original purpose of  my earlier blogs. These shorter inserts offer the reason I started to search for any data, ancient or otherwise on human consciousness, specifically related to Alzheimer’s.
At 89 years of age (well past my used by date) it may well be that I am a candidate with a focus on my own pending dementia. If so, then the theory and the method I write about is holding it at bay. To address the health of my mind in this way could be the catalyst that retains its own functional activity.
A semantic template can be created using data on both domain pages.                              No definition of absolutes or principles can be ill-defined.
They are always interconnected and interdependent.
Each configuration constructed by anyone has meaning particular to them, although its value is universal. That  is why it is never personal property!

‘That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history’.
Aldous Huxley (26 July 1894 -22 November 1963.
Amen to that!

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Ryle, Gilbert, The Concept of Mind . Published in Peregrine Books 1963.

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