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or discrimination.
Our survival is your reward.

A Universal Property.

Everything that is displaces its exact share of space. No more,no less, in complete synchronicity. The aptitude of certainty. There are no sovereign rights over ownership
of space anywhere in this Universe.

A Universal Property.

Everything that is has its own existence in Time (however it is measured).
The aptitude of certainty. There are no sovereign rights over its allocation.


A Universal property.

Everything that is has proportionally the amount of energy required for its existence.
The aptitude of certainty. There are no sovereign rights over the actual distribution of energy.


A Universal Property:

Everything that is, is composed of matter in whatever natural structure manifests.
The aptitude of certainty. There are no sovereign rights over its natural manifestations..

Depicts Observance.
“A way to Travel”
Courtesy of Google “free to use images”

Our mutual observations can only conclude that the structural elements of Space – Time – Energy – Matter are correct and provide their innate qualities that offer a way to travel – to be.

Where then did it all go wrong?
Did we go in the wrong direction?

True semantics can only be based on the factual statement that “Everything is”.
Common consciousness is the only true repository of the Semantic Template.                     Its content is there at your disposal as there is no ownership, or restriction as to its use.
It functions according to the collective specifics of Space – Time – Energy – Matter,
The innate concepts can only deliver correct definitions when its elementary categories
are then put in place, otherwise…………………..


Lost Shadows

The shadows move
Lost in confusion
Lost in despair
Imagination shrouds the real
Looking back
Looking forward
Is this the Centre?

Bridie.(circa 1995)


“The consequences”
Courtesy of Google
“free to us images”

Flight travel in the wrong direction! If automatic co-ordinates of a flight path are wrong the plane will head in the wrong direction with potential horrendous consequences.
The initial co-ordinates which are fractionally wrong, increases the mistake as the plane travels the wrong course.


Footnote: To refresh the original purpose of  my earlier blogs. These shorter inserts offer the reason I started to search for any data, ancient or otherwise on human consciousness, specifically related to Alzheimer’s.
At 89 years of age (well past my used by date) it may well be that I am a candidate with a focus on my own pending dementia. If so, then the theory and the method I write about is holding it at bay. To address the health of my mind in this way could be the catalyst that retains its own functional activity.
A semantic template can be created using data on both domain pages.                                                     No definition of absolutes or principles can be ill-defined.
They are always interconnected and interdependent.
Each configuration constructed by anyone has meaning particular to them, although its value is universal. That  is why it is never personal property!

‘That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history’.
Aldous Huxley (26 July 1894 -22 November 1963.
Amen to that!

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