“The time has come the Walrus said.”

The Horizons of all Women and Men
are always attainable.

14 March 2017

Lost Shadows

The shadows move
Lost in confusion
Lost in despair

Imagination shrouds the real

Looking back
Looking forward
Is this the Centre?

Shadows are always constant!  They point to a person. Is my shadow my permanent repository of my ancestral DNA, just made easy to carry about?.                                                   Would I be up with Lewis Carroll then!


Image courtesy of Google                                 “free to use images”.

“The time has come the Walrus said”

“To talk of many things:
Of shoes and ships – and sealing wax-
Of cabbages – and kings
And why the sea is boiling hot-
And whether pigs have wings.”
Extract from the Works of Lewis Carroll
Published 1965 by Spring Book.

Recent X Rays and cervical vertebrae scans revealed the unfortunate condition of a 50-year-old  degenerative disease problem. Untreatable 50 years ago as too dangerous for surgery as it could leave me a quadriplegic. Recently discovered that modern surgical techniques have mainly overcome the problem.
Now waiting at 90 years of age to see if surgery will eventually be attempted.

Meanwhile the material I’ve written over the years has found its own extension.
My initial objective was to search for information on Alzheimer’s disease which eventually claimed my wife’s life. Believe me it took me on a consciousness journey I was not aware existed.
Shangri La country, where I found a Lost Horizon.

The paradox of our existence is that we live within the very Paradise we seek, only life from childhood casts shadows over that very reality. Ancient wisdom and practices continually invoked humanity, lift the shadows and reveal “what is”.

Mindfulness – Awareness – Attention – are all ancient international  practices that require only your particular unique level of interest.

My understanding of the teachings of ancient and contemporary wisdom is unauthoritative. My expressions on any of the subjects are solely based on my research, and application of concepts eventually perceived as irrefutable realities.

The blogs I write about, talk to a form of consciousness (mindfulness) that can only be “experienced”,  but it is experience available to us all. An innate factor in all of those, was the Universal practice of meditation. Ancient practices designed to awaken an inner unique part of our being, which offer us answers to our human existence, and the realization of who “we are”.

Searching for information was its own form of meditation for me, but I think an appropriate starting point was Heraclitus and his “unity of opposites” which proposed a domain seemingly impossible to achieve.
His mental architecture was adequately peppered with certainties of Nature:
“No man crosses the same river twice”
The central position denoted the innate sanity of the only consciousness perspective available, within the “unity of opposites”.
We can presume “the unity of opposites” related to the semantics of the language he spoke.

He wept for the sorry conscious of a humanity unable to “experience” the centre.

That experience through “mindfulness” without dichotomies, echoed the consciousness needed. It allowed our very essence to be engaged in a conceptual world that existed within the daily experience of certainty. We come to realize that by observing such realities, we are engaged in something priceless, something that cannot be destroyed. Concepts that remain forever – in the world of consciousness.

Heraclitus. “The weeping philosopher”(c535-c.475)
Courtesy of Google
“free to use images”

“They only had to open their eyes”

Knowing what is common to us all is the essence of being.
It is the Holy Grail of the Permanent Semantic Template (Truth).

True cognition of Being cannot be degraded as intuitive. That experience alters nothing in the Space – Time – Energy – Matter  continuum. It  is the actual being relationship with one other that alters the Universe. There  is no Self to degrade Reality. That experience must include one other to allow Reality to be its own composition. Everything then becomes what it is, because “Everything is”.

Knowing what is Common to us all,  is always there to be recognized, and taken out of the shadows. Your immediate constant that is common to us all is your own shadow!

A no less prominent contemporary philosopher Gilbert Ryle introduced the concept of mental “category mistakes”. For me the exciting transition from the “unity of opposites” slowly developed into a unity between the two concepts.
In any organization where the “principal authority” exists eg., a hospital, the composite of the hospital is all of its various categories – clinics – urology – surgeries – psychiatry etc,

Within each category there are sub-categories.

The sum of them is the whole of the hospital. All health medicine emanates from the Hospital.

In a metaphysical sense the structure of your Permanent Semantic Template cannot exist of  possibilities, but factual reality – it is the “The Principal Authority”.

Its content can only be the constants and certainties you must recognize that compose our reality. Start with Space – Time – Energy – Matter. Do they co-exist in Our reality.

To project your existence to the level it deserves, create the semantics available that are irrevocably interconnected, and interdependent. That’s an innate condition of the human species, necessary for us to Communicate – Dependent – Value – Sustain – Recognize -Trust.

Template composition:

“Learn to recognize the only values that provide true sustenance.                                          Values that are easy to communicate and share, because of their essential dependent properties”.

These principles of existence are the essence of our functionality. Their unification with conjunctions in any composition validates your unique recognition of “what is”.
Their properties are of equal value. Their construction has Universal application.

Create your own experiences of  “what is”. Whatever “mindfulness” you practice your unique experience essentially becomes part of our human consciousness, and a necessary construct of the whole.

Mindfulness flourishes when it deals with all the categories that are its proper domain.

My sincere thanks to so many who have followed these blogs.
Have just discovered how to add your blog to my blogroll. A better way to thank you.
Presume your permission to do so. Let me know otherwise.


Footnote: To refresh the original purpose of  my earlier blogs. These shorter inserts offer the reason I started to search for any data, ancient or otherwise on human consciousness, specifically related to Alzheimer’s.
At 89 years of age (well past my used by date) it may well be that I am a candidate with a focus on my own pending dementia. If so, then the theory and the method I write about is holding it at bay. To address the health of my mind in this way could be the catalyst that retains its own functional activity.
A semantic template can be created using data on both domain pages.                                                     No definition of absolutes or principles can be ill-defined.
They are always interconnected and interdependent.
Each configuration constructed by anyone has meaning particular to them, although its value is universal. That  is why it is never personal property!

‘That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history’.
Aldous Huxley (26 July 1894 -22 November 1963.
Amen to that!

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Ryle Gilbert.The Concept of Mind.
Penguin Books Ltd.1963. Middlesex England.

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