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Say it as it is.

It’s about me!


"I didn't know he was a photographer. Can you spot me" Courtesy of Google "free to use images"

“I didn’t know he was a photographer. Can you spot me”
Courtesy of Google
“free to use images”


Whether this is about consciousness or not – friends tell me to pass it on as it is.

As a young man in Glasgow Scotland, up until I was 30 years of age I did not know when I did not smoke cigarettes – usually Woodbine.                                                                              This was the norm of the culture I lived in, promoted by our black and white movies, and the stars of the day.
Had a sister who was a chain smoker by addiction who eventually died of emphysema.
She lies in a grave in Gordonvale Australia.
I carried the habit with me when my wife and our two children emigrated to New Zealand in 1958.
While working on a hot summers day, simultaneously I needed a smoke and a cold drink. Headed for the nearest tap first, and drank until I quenched my thirst and went back to work. It was only at works end I realized I did not have a smoke! The water?
From then on when I felt the urge to smoke, thirsty or not, I just drank plenty of water to try the theory out.
It took about three weeks to find out I had no further “need” for nicotine (poison).
A bio-chemist at a university I attended said it is likely you washed the poison out of your system.
Let me tell you once it is gone, you will never want it back.
No elaboration on this, just a simple account.

It seems to point to a simple human principle.
People do not want to “Stop” anything (a curious kind of negativity) unless it is to “Start” something new that is more beneficial.



Water boy - where are you hiding" Courtesy of Google "free to use images"

Water boy – where are you hiding”
Courtesy of Google
“free to use images”

“Stop – Start. In any race “necessity” comes first. It’s how the tortoise won, in case you’re wondering!




About Bridie.

Born in Govan Glasgow 1927. Those were the days.
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