Being alive!


Every experience provides knowledge.


 David Hume 26/4/1711- 25/8/1776 Courtesy of Google "free to use images"

David Hume
26/4/1711- 25/8/1776
Courtesy of Google
“free to use image”.

David Hume posited the concept that only through experience can we develop knowledge, reason, understanding, or in fact who we are.                                                                                   From conception our personality is naturally formed by life’s direct overlay, determined by time, place, culture, environment. In essence you have no choice over your race, color, or creed. In large part you have no choice in the apparent construction of who you are –
we become.
The one redeeming feature Homo sapiens have, is a shared consciousness. Herein lies the ability to question your own existence, and is your being alive worth the candle?
The truth is – it always is.
You cannot escape from experience! No one can.
Experience is the forerunner of all knowledge. Every experience adds to the total of all human existence.


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