Implicit creativity.+


30 August 2016.+

What we innately fear is
losing everything that is.
Everything that we depend on.

Courtesy of Google "free to use images".

Courtesy of Google
“free to use images”.


Semantic mindfulness creates its own vocabulary. It is a universal vocabulary in any language, because all principles are interactive. It knows of no form of separation, divisiveness. It’s continual existence is infinite, and universal.. There can only be beneficial collective consciousness with no élite application. Any category within its ambit promotes its own extension, and forms its own collaboration. towards that form of agreement.
No form of consciousness has the ability to misuse its properties.
It’s integration is its own catalyst within its structural development.
The term that “there are no absolutes” is an absolute statement in contradiction to its own assertion. Thus the statement cancels itself out, and is irrelevant. We do not have the ability to produce ‘nothing’. In Space – Time – Energy – Matter  “everything is”, which is an evidently true statement of fact, not colored by any opinion, an absolute in its own right.

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:

The Walrus and The Carpenter, Courtesy of Google "free to use images".

The Walrus and The Carpenter,
Alice through the Looking – Glass. Lewis Carol. Courtesy of Google “free to use images’







Carpenter: ‘What are the many things we can talk about after eating all those oysters?

Walrus: Well!  While we rest, and digest, we can talk about ‘mindfulness’, there’s a lot to that.

Carpenter: Tell me please!

Walrus: It has a long history in most ancient religious, and philosophical cultures,with
various prescribed methods to achieve it.
It’s basic purpose paradoxically, is to empty the mind (momentarily) to allow a                         lifetime, of embedded thoughts, impressions, and experiences, to disappear.
That makes room for a new form of consciousness that throws new light on life
as we know it.

Carpenter: Oh dear! Should we have eaten those oysters?

Walrus: We see reality as it really is, not our interpretation of it. With successful practice
mindfulness and healing are co-existent, and their activity is not personal                               property that function within the Space – Time – Energy – Matter continuum.
We must look upon mindfulness as a social contribution whose beneficial effects
have their own manifestation.
Very much like “Alice through the Looking – Glass” whose benefits go on and on.

Carpenter: I’m so glad I’m famous! Thank you!

Walrus: We will talk of future times now, which you will have to imagine. In the future
there will be computers which are similar to our minds. In those computer minds
they can cram up with information called “cookies”, and they can cause their                          minds to scramble, and cause confusion. Fortunately they have an easy computer                  way to clear them all out and start afresh.
As we are not computers, we need mindfulness to clear our minds.
Before you ask me, computers can’t eat oysters.

Carpenter: Sorry! I nearly asked. I thought ‘cookies” were edible. What a future!

Walrus: In that future they have electricity to drive those computers, and they have                               miraculous instruments called satellites in outer space to harness and distribute                      that electricity globally – it  is a wonderous thing, but dangerous too.

Carpenter: Why is it dangerous?

Walrus: Complacency – taking things for granted! It is a wonderous system, but in our                          world we know that Mr Sun can sneeze periodically, and that sneeze can cause
solar storms. A big enough storm (sneeze) can wipe out all the power on the                        planet. Then everyone would be looking for oysters. Not a cookie in sight!


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