Now we sleep!


4 August 2016.

‘All the wold’s a stage’.


Photography courtesy of Donna.

“Now to sleep” Photography courtesy of Donna.


The photography above is a peaceful portrayal of the time we choose to move from one conscious reality, to another not so conscious. We do need our sleep.

All forms of art in their presentation, attempt to convey to the observer a meaning beyond our conscious mind – to touch an area of implicit knowledge we are not aware of.

Ballet in its art form endeavours to send through dance the meaning of its chosen performance. In this case “The Sleeping Beauty” had a spell cast over her to sleep for a hundred years. The performance at its best can move a theatre audience to express their collective delight at witnessing such a presentation. They in fact, are awake to a temporary realm of consciousness. The performance points to the potential for humans to reach for higher forms of consciousness. Outside our conventional awareness something greater is experienced, implicit beauty, knowledge, sensitivity, all of a higher order, and we are as one with the art, awake and alive to its meaning. It evokes a state of experience above any normal consciousness level. Beyond that level we fall back into a state of waking sleep, and return to our place on life’s stage.

The Sleeping Beauty Ballet. Image Courtesy of Google "free to use images".

The Sleeping Beauty Ballet.
Image Courtesy of Google “free to use images”.

It does appear that in our evolution, the purpose of any human life is to go beyond its own existence. The stage, or state of life, imposes its own limitations on human consciousness, and to escape from those limitations require new experiences.
It is why we place so much value in the potential of all the best of art, whatever it may be. It can connect us to areas of our humanity that are mostly asleep.
When we experience moments of bliss, awe, joy, the artists have done their work.
Then we return to the connected part we play in life, that sees the senseless destruction of innocent men, women, and children.


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