How dependent are you?

9 May 2016


We do not own Space

We do not own Time

We do not own Energy

We do not own Matter.

Successfully discovering a new source of dependency
always has a collaborative extension.

Try making a list of just how dependent you are on everything that is!
Use a simple dictionary and compile a list of primary terms eg, Intellect –
Responsibility – Relationship – Sustenance  etc,.                                                                                  Use the binary connectors that act like a double helix to extend their meaning and we have, not a “unity of opposites” to quote Heraclitus, but a new unity of “primary terms” we evidently depend on.                                                                                                                              The Holy Grail.
There will be thousands of primary terms available to transpose. Within their unity and their double helix process, new meanings will emerge. In an educational environment the process would be productive.
We all have our own personal conscience and psychology that goes with it.
Today we seem to understand that there is a shared consciousness and that everyone has the potential to collectively contribute, and share.. Back again to history, to Archimedes and Heraclitus, whose contributions to our shared consciousness are well documented.
We always depend on the ability of our brain (any brain) to rise above itself (cognition), and provide new developmental insights that become part of our shared consciousness.

The above presentation gives us pause to think where our natural dependency may lead us.

That dependency “factor” symbolized by our belly button where so much dependency was needed via that umbilical cord, has far-reaching connections to the past, the present, and our future. So keep gazing at your navel!
No one can be independent – it is a myth! Everything that is, is interdependent and interconnected. We all come from the same planet! You, the wondrous rat above, and I.

"Art has the art of always saying it better than words" Courtesy of Google 'free to use images".

“Art has the art of always saying it better than words” Thank you!
Courtesy of Google ‘free to use images”.


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