“Cognition principles applied”.+


13 April 2016. +


The accuracy in interpreting basic principles, and the alternate knowledge implicit in the interpretation, will always establish the primary principle sought. Archimedes et al.

Truth can be found in the oddest places!

Truth can be found in the oddest places! Courtesy of Google images.

Archimedes cognition on how to weigh metals in water through displacement.


Language is the construct of human action and the word “truth” seems to hold pride of place by the power of its usage and the meanings it evokes.
It is preferable if we could turn our attention to the unity of principles (including truth) that are the construct of every language we use. By uniting the principal terms we can elevate the meanings we desire. Reasonable constructs and the correct duality of established principles always lead toward meaning. It is the only form of meaning that leads to its own extension eg. how to weigh metals – how else could it be?                               All principles (placeholders) have reciprocal value one to the other. No foundation principle can stand alone. They can only exist in union, one with the other, the source of reciprocity.
All absolutes are universal. There is no hierarchy beyond the meanings they evoke  in their joint construction. The binary connotations, however one may express them, provide a constant reality beyond conventional consciousness. That experience is the immediate reward through disciplined application of their use. That discipline takes the form in all human action (such as the bathing scene above) disposed toward the correct functionality of basic principles.
The daily connections we make always include the distinct possibility of their recognition, when we make those connections in a mindful state.


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