“Are there separate reality experiences?”

7 April 2016

When communicating, know what the truth is, and amplify its existence.

The whole picture with regard to our sensory receptors seems not to be as exclusive as individualized experiences. Generally speaking there seems to be massive accord that does not depend on individual opinion.
It would appear to suggest that there is a form of certainty readily recognizable by the normal function of human sensory receptors.
Everything that is, is in perfect synchronicity in that everything ages all at the same time.
Everything that is, at any moment in time has its own share of space, no more no less.
That large commonality of factual knowledge seems to have no active displacement of our experience of reality.
In essence our experience of our reality must be a consciousness act of unification of the whole.Our sensory receptors seem to act in concert with others to give us a stabilized reality.
Our curiously sensitive sensory receptors are curious because our species generally accept an apparent equality of human  experience. We recognize in common, schools, universities, hospitals, cities, in fact the continual evolution of this planet’s history, including wars, crime, corruption.
Recognition that belies the experimental science of our sensory receptors.

"Pondering what to eat -as we must" Courtesy of Google "free to use images".

“Pondering what to eat – as we must”
Courtesy of Google “free to use images”.

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