“Do you contemplate your future?”

28 March 2016.

Our future depends on our ability
to recognize and be awake to the true
principles that formulate our lives.

Within each timeline we have the potential to discover the terms of the associative functionality we must share, to be alive at all.
As an organism which produces the innate genetic physical structures in all their prolific diversity, the question of space – environment, and life-giving services has become an observable urgent problem.

A linguistic platform without dichotomies has its own failsafe security necessity.
All definitions within its structure relate to activity that can only be beneficial for human interaction, with lasting intentions. Its basic purpose is to make available the tools to build reasonable definitions
It cannot be designed, or misused, for any individual gain.
It is a means of freeing up locked in divisive concepts by disseminating new linguistic constructs that go beyond conventional ways of thought, and provide new cognitive experience.
Taking time to look at the critical links our personal existence needs (no matter how mundane they may appear) can lead to acquiring more energy to focus on what we must use to act with more understanding. That focus is the exercise our mind can only benefit from as we age. The source of our sustenance lie in existing successful principles that are universal, and always available to expand our human consciousness.

Aesop’s Fables (c.620BC – c.560BC) The Hare and the Tortoise.

A contemporary interpretation could be applied in relation to our understanding of evolution. Evolution which proceeds at a pace beyond our consciousness level. The human species seem to be in a race outside their natural abilities, and if we take the message of the fable, that race is doomed to failure. Turn to the Tortoise! 

Media Tortoise and the hare download

“A potent fable that is all too real” “Courtesy of Google free to use images”.


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Born in Govan Glasgow 1927. Those were the days.
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