Evolutionary question!



An interest in your own values
improves observation.


The Ted Talk by Anil Seth, where he posits our state of controlled illusion, and our levels of consciousness, should be of interest to you.

‘Dual consciousness’
Courtesy of Google
‘free to use images’

As a single living organism I would suggest consciousness can only exist in the presence of at least one other. Cognition disposes itself through our sensory receptors and our neurons.
That clinical form of definition dispenses with the concept of I. There is only being in unity.

When that consciousness unity reaches its apex it reveals no less than ‘who we are’.

A prescription for a kind of evolution that can only evolve, with unity, and fundamental principlesthat have no division.
The Semantic Template remains the key source to mindfulness practice. You and only you can get access to the uniting principles that are the core of your being. Your share of conscious existence is always there.

“Consciousness iceberg”
Courtesy of Google “free to use” images.

The mass of the iceberg lies below the surface, which can be likened to the repository of human emotion, and consciousness. The peak of the iceberg denotes the ascent of consciousness rising, freed from embedded thoughts  that restrict our knowledge of being.

 To properly integrate new concepts and ideas is not a fast lane exercise. It is necessary first of all recognize that to date we live with life long embedded concepts, and their widespread definition.
Entertaining something new requires patience, and time to consider its meaning. For thousands of years our collective minds have dealt with dichotomies, and accepted them, in and of themselves, as part of our reality. What if they don’t exist as a reality?

What if evolution does not take account of everything –  a massive misconception?
Could we possibly contemplate what that would mean?                                                         As we are, in general, we are unaware of  the mechanisms of our own so-called evolution? Anesthetized?

Should we be questioning evolution as we experience it today?
It’s embedded dubious ethics of the survival of the fittest.
Massive oppressive inequality, discrimination, racism, hunger, poverty, polarisation, war, slavery, criminal elitism distributed as a way of life. Not the properties of beneficial progress for all – I would think!
Only with such a nightmarish scenario would one wish it was illusion, with a fault line in evolution.
There are other sides to the coin I know, but they do not compensate, or encompass controlled illusion.

 Scientific and scholasticDarwin: The Life of a Tormented Evolutionist is a biography of Charles Darwin by Adrian Desmond and James Moore. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)


Footnote: To refresh the original purpose of  my earlier blogs. These shorter inserts
offer the reason I started to search for any data, ancient or otherwise on human consciousness, specifically related to Alzheimer’s.
At 90 years of age (well past my used by date) it may well be that I am a candidate with a focus on my own pending dementia. If so, then the theory and the method I write about is holding it at bay. To address the health of my mind in this way could be the catalyst that retains its own functional activity.
A semantic template can be created using data on both my domains.
No definition of absolutes or principles can be ill-defined.
They are always interconnected and interdependent.
Each configuration constructed by anyone has meaning particular to them, although its value is universal. That  is why it is never personal property!

‘That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history’.
Aldous Huxley (26 July 1894 -22 November 1963.
Amen to that!





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Born in Govan Glasgow 1927. Those were the days.
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2 Responses to Evolutionary question!

  1. sambrines says:

    you have highlighted exactly what is needed for the human endeavour to be a success, how does human consciousness unite to be on ‘the same page’ i think the ideas Terence McKenna posits (which are not new but ancient) are how that process must be accelerated, as the opportunity window is closing fast.


  2. Bridie. says:

    Hi Sam,
    Checking through old comments, and note that I had not answered your question about the unity of “human consciousness”.
    ‘We are all on the same page’. All human consciousness is a gift we have. Primarily with our use of sensory receptors we can look, but rarely do we “see”. The essential being of everyone is there. Mom and I with our shared life “saw” that at least once in our lives. I will die oh so peacefully knowing that,
    Our general embedded mechanical state needs a shock to waken us up,
    to something so new to our common experience.
    Am revising and adding to the mantra info. Critical to explain further. Will be posting soon.
    Email from Jess with lots of photographs of the kids.
    Take care.


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